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Insurance Isn't for when things go right. Your phone system shouldn’t be either!

In today’s insurance environment, business needs drive phone system requirements. Insurance professionals require the ability to collaborate on-demand. They must have access to the right people and information at the right time and place.

VirtualTone helps you communicate through everything mother nature throws at you. In fair weather, you get top-notch communications, as well as a Virtual Contact Center to contact a high volume of customers.

VirtualTone takes reliability as seriously as you do. Not only does VirtualTone backup your data centers for business reliability and continuity, its mobile features give you the flexibility to deploy claim centers or temporary offices in affected areas. VirtualTone also offers HIPAA-compliant services, backed by written agreements, for insurance businesses that handle protected health information.

With VirtualTone as your communication solutions provider, you will:

  • Never miss a call: Calls go anywhere you choose, with mobile apps, voicemail-to-email and call forwarding.
  • Unite Workers Everywhere: VirtualTone lets you connect anywhere—on your desktop, laptops, tablets and other devices. Agents can make calls, schedule meetings, check voicemail, send faxes, chat with colleagues, and more, on any device. Use Find Me/Follow-me forwarding to get calls and messages wherever it’s most convenient.
  • Keep communicating in emergencies: VirtualTone’s hosted solution helps your business keep going, even in emergencies. With VirtualTone, you can set up temporary claims centers or work from disaster affected areas.
  • Increase agent productivity: VirtualTone lets you see where agents are and reach them easily with extension dialing; identify your customers instantly when they call with pop-up customer records; and work with e-Agent, Salesforce, Outlook, NetSuite and other software.

Regardless of your organization size, regardless of your organization needs, VirtualTone has your communication solution.

Here are some of our products to better serve you:



Do you need a professional look, feel and sound for your new agency? If so, VTONE Max is for you. With VTONE Max, you can grow your agency and your system will never be outdated. Starting at only 5 lines… All the enterprise features of a large agency phone system.

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VTONE Ultra is the perfect small agency phone system for businesses with up to 50 phones from day one. VTONE Ultra is a perfect solution for agencies, with multiple partners, locations and staff. VTONE Ultra gives you the same features as a large agency and you have space to grow.

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VTONE Enterprise

Is your agency more than 100 employees? Does it spread over multiple locations? Do you need to monitor your employee productivity? Then VTONE Enterprise is the solution for you. With VTONE Enterprise, your communication system can scale with ease.

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VTONE Call Center

Does your agency manage a high volume of incoming calls? Do you need a system designed to take all your calls and run them through your agency queues and processes? VTONE Call Center is the system for you. With VTONE Call Center, you will be able to manage an unlimited amount of calls at any given time.

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Audio conferencing is included in all of our systems, which comes with over 130+ standard features.

Easy to install (self and professional IT Installation) and easy to finance with no upfront cost, VirtualTone is the communication solution for your business!

Contact us today for a worry free phone system that will make all the difference.

Not sure what would be best for you? We’ll help you assess your needs.

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