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Keeping Supply Chains Connected

Ensuring your phone system stays ahead of the pack is imperative when facing competition, increasingly aggressive pricing and high customer expectations. Regardless of your US location, VirtualTone’s full-featured business phone systems keep everyone in your supply chain connected. Be free to increase productivity and collaboration while decreasing costs and delays all while improving customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Companies benefit from working with VirtualTone

Simplified phone system management: Accelerate distribution cycles to speed time-to-market so customers have faster, more convenient access to your goods.

Flexibility: The number of employees at your company headquarters, warehouses and satellite distribution centers are constantly changing. The flexibility and expandability of a VirtualTone phone system allows companies to ramp up or down quickly, which is a huge savings in money, time and resources. (Can talk, chat, share screens and more between locations). Distribution offices and remote plants can communicate as if they were at the same location.

Increase Productivity: Employees work more productively thanks to powerful unified communication capabilities at their fingertips. Our collaboration tools help the team stay on schedule, track down materials and orders all while staying on top of suppliers and shipments.

Enhance Customer Experience: Call routing, dial-by-name directories and queuing options ensure that calls get to the right department or person fast. Watch customer service scores climb!

Call Center Features: Keep tabs on call center performance and customer satisfaction levels with our call center solutions. Call center staffers can easily sign in and out of call queues, and managers have access to training tools like call recording, call monitoring or barge and whisper (talk to an agent without customer hearing).

Manufacturing companies know it takes careful and efficient collaboration to get the final goods out of the warehouse door on time. On any given day, communication needs to happen between customers, suppliers, distributors, employees and the corporate office while everyone is in a different location. It’s no wonder you need a unified, fully integrated business phone solution that increases productivity while reducing operational costs and manufacturing delays.

Contact one of our manufacturing industry specialists to discuss your specific communication needs today. You can reach one of our team members by calling 1-888-755-6864 or filling out the form found to the right of this page.

Regardless of your organization size, regardless of your organization needs, VirtualTone has your communication solution.

Here are some of our products to better serve you:


Audio conferencing is included in all of our systems, which comes with over 130+ standard features.

Easy to install (self and professional IT Installation) and easy to finance with no upfront cost, VirtualTone is the communication solution for your business!

Contact us today for a worry free phone system that will make all the difference.

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