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Business Continuity: What is Your Plan?

Whether it is a natural disaster like a hurricane or a massive power outage caused by an unforeseen event, having a business continuity plan is critical for your company to succeed. A disruption in your businesses communication can cause unsatisfied clients, loss of customers, and a bad reputation which all translate into financial losses that can be detrimental to your businesses long term success. 
Take a look at these 3 tips to help your business continuity plan for your VoIP communication system so you can stay ahead of life's unpredictable events and keep in contact with your valued clients.
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Create Your Own Tax Break for 2017!

The end of another year is near! Take advantage of the 2017 tax break for all 2017 qualifying equipment for your office. This means that if you buy (or finance) a piece of equipment you can deduct the Full Purchase Price (up to $500,000) from your gross income. 


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Texas Cities Top the List of Fastest Growing Cities in the United States!

According to the United States Census Bureau ten of the 15 fastest-growing large cities were located in the South in 2016, four of the top five were in Texas. Now we know how the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas.....and it's true! Is your communication system ready for the increased traffic? 

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August 17: National Nonprofit Day

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the U.S.  Which nonprofit do you work with or volunteer with? Since August 17th is observed as National Nonprofit Day we wanted to share some information on how YOU can make your community a better place by getting involved!
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Hurricane Season is Upon Us! Is Your Business Prepared?

Hurricane season is always a little nerve racking....especially if you live along the coast. The Weather Channel recently announced that Colorado University recently upped the prediction of hurricane's this year from 12 to 15 with 8 becoming hurricanes. 
This doesn't mean that any will even make landfall, it is just a prediction. But, is your business prepared for worst case scenario? 
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FAQ: Basic VoIP Terms

If you aren't an IT wiz certain terms and concepts may seem a bit out of you comfort zone. But don't worry, we want to help you understand some simple VoIP terms. Let's explore a few basic VoIP terms to help you expand your knowledge. 


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VoIP for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is all about keeping guests and customers happy, and VirtualTone helps you do that. VirtualTone’s VoIP communication system for the hospitality industry makes it so guests and customers never receive a busy signal and never put on endless hold. Numerous standard VoIP features  make calling your restaurant, hotel, motel, resort or reservation center a pleasant and impressive experience for guests. Our fully unified communications system makes it easier to keep track of reservations, orders, bookings and other guest information, decreasing the likelihood of a mistake.
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Happy 4th of July!

The VirtualTone family wants to wish you a Happy 4th of July! Whether you are spending your day off relaxing with family and friends or traveling to or from a destination we hope you have a safe and happy holiday. We would like to thank all that have served and protected our freedom.

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Stay Cool This Summer With Our Features!

We all want to take that summer vacation to the beach, lake, or river to cool down in these scorching temperatures. But we can't all take the time away from work...especially specific industries such as the hospitality industry that are non-stop in the summer months. Guess what? With your VirtualTone communication system you can beat the heat AND continue managing your business. 
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National Safety Month: The Construction Industry

It's no secret that working in the construction industry can be a very dangerous profession. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1 in 10 construction workers are injured every year. That is a very high statistic, especially because there can be hundreds, or even thousands, of employees on just one job site. 
VirtualTone wants to help ensure that construction sites have proper communication systems so that in a time of need a phone is easily accessible to all employees. 


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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day from VirtualTone! We want to thank all of the Dad's that go the extra mile everyday for their're the real MVP! 


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What Does "End of Sale Phone" Mean?

Trying to pick a new office phone when you are so comfortable with the phone you have been using is a bit tricky. However, upgrading your phone doesn't only help you keep up with evolving features, but it is necessary for your companies security. 


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A VoIP Necessity: The VTONE Operator Panel

The VTONE Operator Panel is a necessity for any business. 
This easy to use feature lets you have an inside look at detailed activity, including who is on the line, the duration of the call, held calls, what call queue the call came into, spying and whisper capabilities....and much more!
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Choosing the Right VoIP Provider for Your IT Business

There’s a running joke among IT business owners that the cobbler’s children often go barefoot. Your days are quickly filled with putting out fires for customers, and helping them troubleshoot the same issues over and over again. Performing maintenance on your own phone system is the last thing you have time for, and you expect it to work without a hitch. So when it comes to choosing the right VoIP solution for your business, how do you weed through the flood of providers out there to determine who is the right choice? To make things simpler, here are three things to consider when choosing the right VoIP vendor.

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Raise Your Productivity Level!

There always seems to be one little problem at the end of every day....there's not enough of it! Time seems to always speed up a little bit more. No matter what day it is at the end of it there is always a list of things you didn't accomplish, either at work or at home. Since it is impossible to get more than 24 hours in a day the next most reasonable thing is to manage your time more efficiently. 
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The Polycom VVX Refresh

Polycom does an amazing job of always working to improve their phones and deliver the best possible product to their customer. Recently they have refreshed their line of VVX phones and made a few minor improvments.


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Multi-tenancy vs Single tenancy: Showdown in Cloud Communications

There’s no denying the fact that all technology is migrating to the cloud. With big names like Microsoft offering their trademark Office suite in the cloud, and Amazon offering cloud storage for pennies, all technology is cutting the cord from being tethered to bulky equipment.



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Summer is Right Around the Corner

With 2017 flying by, many people are starting to look into planning a summer vacation! Now the question of where to go, when to go, and what activities you will do are starting to make an appearance. If you plan on going on a vacation that requires a flight, you're going to want to take a look at some of the travel days to avoid!


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Top Downloaded Apps of 2016

From making a grocery list to finding the route with the least amount of traffic to paying online bills...there's an app for that! In 2017 there isn't one thing that we can't think of that you can't find an app for on your Android or iPhone.

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Why is VirtualTone the Only Communication System You Will Ever Need…Guaranteed?

Our Promise to You...Guaranteed!

Remember the time when a handshake was all that was needed to close a deal. You could count on a “man’s” word as his bond. No matter could rely on a “guarantee” to fulfill all promises.
That is still true today for many people. Our word is our commitment. At VirtualTone, as a Texas “born and bred” company, we like to think that this is true of all Texas business owners, yet unfortunately that is not always the case – sad to say.



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